LT Lam Presented with the Global Toy News 2013 Person of the Year Award


On January 9  2013 at the Shanghai Fraternity Association in Hong Kong I had the great pleasure of presenting LT Lam, Founder of Fowind, with the 2013 Global Toy News Person of the Year award.  Also attending were from left to right:

Y.M. Tam, Executive Director and CEO of Full Champion Ltd and President of the Toys Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong; Mike Oprins; CEO of Becker & Mayer; Emily Cheung, Director Tsuen Lee Group, Ltd. and Vice-Chairman Hong Kong Toys Association;  Richard Gottlieb, President Global Toy Experts and Publisher Global Toy News; LT Lam, Founder of Fowind; Charlie Albert, Co-CEO of Creativity Inc.; Norma Rosenhain, CEO of Creata;  Thomas Carsello, Senior Vice President of Creata; Jim McCafferty, President / CEO JMP Creative; John Tong, Managing Director at Wong Hau Plastic Works & Trading and Chairman of the Hong Kong Kong Toys Association

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