Top 10 Transmedia Stories of 2013 – Part 2

Beth Rogozinski

This Part 2 of the 2 Part Series.  Part 1 can be found here:   Top 10 Transmedia Stories of 2013 – Part 1

Transmedia storytelling and multi-modal communications and entertainment really took off in 2013.  No longer a sub-set of tech geeks and fringe viewers, transmedia broke records this year and has truly begun to change business and leisure as we know it.  Last week we published stories 10-6 and here’s the top five stories of 2013.

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5.  Disney Infinity Launches

Disney’s long awaited foray into connected toys – ala Skylanders – saw the light of day in the summer of 2013.  While not a runaway success as yet, the company claims its happy with it’s results so far and will expect strong holiday sales.  With the 600 pound gorilla entering the space, this development marks a new era of not only connected toys, but of the concept of “open sandbox” digital play.


4.  Journey Sweeps GDC Awards and Shifts the World of Games

Journey, a digital game from Santa Monica based, thatgamecompany, swept the awards at the Game Developer Conference in 2013, marking what many hail as a new era in gaming.  Unlike most first person shooter games, Journey is a contemplative parable game that meanders and flows and according to Forbes writer Erik Kain, is “[in] many respects … a near-perfect game, utilizing all of the medium’s strengths and relying on none of its weaknesses to enthrall players and tell its brief but emotionally moving story.”[1]  Many suggested that Journey brings game making it’s closest to “art form” status and much is expected from thatgamecompany and the games industry in general as it breaks from it’s own adolescence and spread it’s wings to become a more evolved version of itself.


3.  Wearables, Robots and Perceptual Computing

Throughout 2013, there was story after story about a new wearable, robot toy or – what may are calling the next big thing:  perceptual computing. There are more of these connected devices on store shelves and more and more Kickstarter and other  crowdfunding campaigns for robots than at any other time.  All of this marks the start of new inputs and ways of interacting with the many screens in our lives – that we know by now – have become mainstream.


2.  Dove Real Beauty Sketches Captures “Reality” and Goes Viral Around the World

Becoming the most watched ad ever, the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign becomes an internet and brand sensation and shines a light on audience engagement and authenticity campaigns – as well as the power and influence of the internet, YouTube and new transmedia technologies for advertising and branding.  While heralded and scorned – the campaign showcases the move toward what Transmedia SF 2013 speaker and author, Jonah Sachs calls “Empowerment Marketing” and storytelling for brands.[2]  No longer is it enough to show and tell what you do or sell.  Today’s always on, always connected audiences demand an emotional, story driven, transmedia connection – even to their soap.


1.  Defiance:  A Transmedia Future Awaits

In a true transmedia strategy that breaks from the concept of franchising and simply extending IP, the SyFy Network and Trion Games launched – according to Nathan Richardsson, VP of development for Trion and executive producer of Defiance  – "a truly unique entertainment experience" where a game and television show are actually integrated. This means that events that happen in the game will refer to, and possibly affect, things in the TV series and vice versa. The companies joined forces five years ago and there are new expectations for the 2014 season and for the game and television industry in general as it boldly goes in to the transmedia future.


2014 promises to be an even more exciting, connected and digital year than ever before – and I look forward to connecting with you online, on screen or live in the new year!

Best Wishes for a Prosperous – and FUN – New Year!


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