Toy Tech: Conventional & Digital Marker (Part 2)



Digital marker for work: Spy Gear © 2013

In design schools today, there is so much a student needs to learn in regards to specific computer programs they usually are not given enough time to learn the fundamentals of rendering —remember no computer program can draw for you!

Also, no computer on the face of the earth has been able to convey emotional impact in a design rendering—only you can do that through experience. That takes time through trial and error. Don’t worry though, my entire technique is based on my many mistakes—you can’t learn without making mistakes.

In fact, you can’t be successful in any occupation without making mistakes. My design teacher told me over and over that you can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg.  So, mistakes often help you break through to a new level.

The main reason I use markers is because they are extremely fast and adding the digital media tools makes them even faster and even more precise. That gives me more time to come up with ideas and refine forms—what may look easy and free flowing actually takes time to make it shine.

So, in this article you will see the comparison of a conventional marker concept sketch (part 1) compared with a digital marker sketch (part 2). Both are fast and have a great look to them but the digital media version allows for the magical, amazingly wonderful, all forgiving—Command Z.

Yes, that magical undo option has saved my scrawny neck many a day. So what is left to hold you back from making your work have the look and feel of fresh spontaneity? If you don’t like a stroke simply hit command z and you’re home free.

This way you can try new things without feeling the anxiety of thinking you will ruin a sketch under the blazing spotlight of a commercial deadline. So, have fun, kick back and create an amazing new toy design.

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