Expo 2020; Dubai

HD LRWe love to offer Global Toy News readers play insights from all over the world.  For that reason it is a pleasure for me to introduce you to Hala AlDuwik from the United Arab Emirates.  Hala AlDuwik is a passion driven marketeer specialized in the kids industry. Having been born, raised, studied and worked in UAE; which has granted her detailed insight into the marketplace dynamics.  Her first experience in the world of play started when she took part in organizing one of the largest kids and family entertainment events in Dubai “Modhesh World 2009”, the most beloved kids character in GCC.  In 2010, Hala got more serious with fun and handled the marketing of a popular boys property “BeyBlade” during her work at “NewBoy” where she effectively created excellent buzz around the brand and built a loyal fan base.

Just recently the Dubai has won the bid to host the largest exhibition worldwide; “EXPO 2020. The birth of this exhibition goes back to 1851 when it was first launched in London. Since then it has been the main place in which nations, businesses, organizations and people visit in order to show case their new innovations and serve one of the main expo missions; to progress on global issues such as economic development and better quality of life. Innovations such as telephones, copywriters, escalators and ice cones have been introduced through Expos. Moreover, countries that had been lucky enough to host the exhibition enjoy both economic, social and promotional benefits and transformations. Thus, Dubai will start witnessing a significant development in sectors such as tourism, infrastructure, transport, property and retail trade.

Currently, the toy industry in UAE is considered to be growing in tandem with the increase in population and the gross national income per capita. Furthermore, with the presence of well established toy retailers such as Toys R Us, Early Learning Centre, Hamleys, The Toy Store, Kiddy Zone and the new enterer from the UK; The Entertainer, brands have been thriving to attract kids through value added promotional activities, events and road shows.

Now with this great news about Dubai hosting EXPO 2020 it is expected to attract 25 million visitors to the 6-month exhibition, the toy market in UAE is bound to flourish further! Expansion in current retail concepts is highly anticipated to meet demand and secure market share.  New retail concepts from different cultures around the world will be introduced to kids and parents. Market players will compete and adapt new creative marketing activities to gain customer loyalty. Best of all; kids will be living in heaven considering the great increase in supply, variety and competitive values on offer.

In conclusion it’s important to highlight that many of the popular classic and legendary toys were first shown at exhibitions throughout the world. We are anxiously looking forward to see what new innovative toys EXPO 2020 will give birth to!



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  1. Wow this is a great exhibition my Dubai Friend told me about this exhibition and must attend this exhibition in 2020

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