“All for One and One for All!”

"All for One and One for All!" – the creedo of the Three Musketeers, and the European game industry, as well. Much to my astonishment, I recently learned that European game companies meet yearly TO HELP EACH OTHER!!

Dana-fradon-every-man-for-himself-new-yorker-cartoonThey review each other's new products at early stages to provide useful feedback. They do this to help their competitors make their products better. They do this in the interest of strengthening the entire game industry and therefore, indirectly, in the interest of each of the individual game companies, as well.

"Every man for himself" is the credo of American business, and anything that one might do that would benefit a competitor is abhorrent.

We sometimes try to acquire the tooling to our old products no longer on the market, but our clients won’t sell it to us for fear of it one day providing benefit to another toy company.

Every company for itself.

We ask to get our prototypes back when our Licensees no longer need them, and they sometimes refuse, for fear that we, or someone else might one day benefit from the use of that prototype.

What they don’t realize is that now, more than ever, we are all truly in the same boat, and the economic and changing cultural storms swirling about affect us all.

It may very well be in all our interests to be more collaborative and help each other succeed. If it is in the interest of the health of the entire industry, then it is in our best interest, as well.

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  1. I too found this very interesting Bruce. At times I feel that our industry is a carefully played game between somewhat bitter advisories, whereas it sounds like the European gaming industry is playing more of a game with a cooperative element — where if they don’t work together a little bit everyone loses. It’s pretty fascinating when you take a big step back and look at the broader picture.

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