Toy Sketch: Art Of The Gag (Part 1)



Drawing for work: Warner Bros. © 2013

From stand up comedy and sitcoms to ideation and toy design there is certainly something to be said for the art of the gag. Character driven toys are not just for kids anymore because they engage even the crustiest adults who simply cannot withstand a downright funny gag.

From Bugs Bunny to Elmer Fudd, it’s nearly impossible to get tired of a toy when the function is intrinsically linked to the goofy personality of the character. These plastic playthings take on a life of their own by reaching into the realm of timeless fun filled memories every person has hidden within them.

Take my mother-in-law—please. I mean, she never liked me much and rarely smiled unless I accidentally fell down or hit my rather large cranium on a low hanging beam. I jest.

Now, in her defense, most people generally don’t like me much once they get to know me so you shouldn’t hold that against her. At least she didn’t sugar coat it—she had a pure unadulterated visceral hatred for me right down to the depth of my inner being and frankly, I was ok with that.


Continued In Part 2 . . .

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