United States Chess League; How About Them Knights?

Are you familiar with the United States Chess League?  I was not, but then again I was not familiar with the World Chess Boxing Organization when I wrote about that odd combination of knockouts and checkmates (see: “Chessboxing; yep, you read that right”).  Well, the league is now in its ninth year of professional play and appears to be a financial success.  Philadelphia-lg                                                                   Philadelphia Inventors

Is this interest in chess as a professional sport catching on in the toy aisle?  Well, maybe not on the shelf but it seems to be chess is showing up on commercial websites in what appear to be greater numbers.  For example, I visited walmart.com and found hundreds of sets available running anywhere from $8.99 for a glass set to an $8,000 set that comes in a “leather casquet.”  It is Wal-Mart so that $8,000 price is reduced from $9,999.99.  

Los Angeles Vibe

Is there enough brand awareness there yet for game companies to license league teams?  We might not be there yet but just in case here is a here is a complete list of teams per the league’s website:

Baltimore Kingfishers

Boston Blitz

Connecticut Dreadnoughts

New England Nor’easters

Manhattan Applesauce

New Jersey Knockouts

New York Knights

Philadelphia Inventors

Carolina Cobras

Dallas Destiny

Miami Sharks

St. Louis Arch Bishops

Arizona Scorpions

Los Angeles Vibe

San Francisco Mechanics

Seattle Sluggers

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