Toy Tech: Toy Space (Part 2)



One of several design sketches of the toy environment

The solution was creating an environment that looked like a
movie set of a train station that gradually led you from the main building to a
busy modern day station. The environment used three-dimensional giant sized
iconic toy imagery that brought back memories of childhood play. Giant trains
jetting out of walls, huge train station clocks and colorful subway tile
designs leading you deeper into the environment.

In addition to that, fun interactive multi-media television
monitors were worked into the design space making each wall and hallway an ever
changing and highly dynamic visual statement—not to mention providing strategic
brand messaging unifying two diverse audiences of youth and adults.

You may ask why I worked on such a project while so busy
with a full time job. While I truly appreciated the youth center and their
contribution to the community, I also jumped at the opportunity to grow as a

Think about it—do you want to design giant toys into a
building environment? How cool is that? Of course I do, leaving me with only
one real outstanding question—how far can I go?

I’d like to end this article with another question—how far
can you go? It’s so important to your career as a designer to grow
professionally by seeking new and diverse opportunities to expand your career

No one really cares about your career except for you and
your momma—so manage your own path. Always keep taking on new challenges to
continue to grow. It’s up to you to reach your personal potential so keep
dreaming those big dreams and reaching for those far away stars.

A buddy from Disney once told me, "If you don’t drive the bus someone else will and you may not
like where they take you." So, take
control of the wheel and manage your career. Take that seldom traveled road that may be a bit rocky at times but promises a new avenue of self dicovery you never dreamed possible.

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