Toy Tech: Toy Space (Part 1)



Digital design sketch: Entrance to children's wing.

It amazes me how the toy patterns of our youth still
resonate in our lives as adults and bring back fond memories and childhood fun.
I just completed a really fun design project incorporating toys into an
architectural environment—a balancing act between highly creative accents of
color and large toy motifs all within pre-existing building parameters and city
safety codes.

The point was to make a community center fun for children as
well as their adult parents and family members while still maintaining the
rather sophisticated design style that was already in place.

The assignment was to incorporate three-dimensional toys
into walls and play spaces to provide a highly fun and creative environment for
kids while also bringing back memories of play for their parents.

It’s one thing to have cool giant sized toys jetting out of
walls, but to incorporate those creative bursts of energy with the over all building
esthetic was an exhilarating design challenge to say the least.

On one hand, if you let your creative ideation overcome the
over all design of the building, the new visual design motifs will look out of
place and actually work against the intended brand vision.

So, at the end of the day, the new children’s wing had to
have a natural flow and design unity with the main building and yet have it’s
own identifiable signature. To add to all of that, the building committee also wanted
to incorporate a train motif.


Continued In Part 2 . . . 

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