Toy Tech: Cross Hatching (Part 2)



Demo: Cross-hatching pencil technique with simple digital color added—line art black.

Since cross-hatching is meant to be fast and certainly a freeform
style, this technique not only serves as an extremely quick way to render blue-sky
ideas but also adds a personalized look to your individual style.

It has never ceased to amaze me how personalized ideation
sketches are from designer to designer no matter the industry or discipline. This
simple technique even crosses over to the digital space allowing you to create
images that look more finished then they really are because your eyes fill in the

By adding digital local color, your rough pencil scribblings can look even more presentable. In fact, a down and dirty ideation sketch with indications of basic color can look very interesting and certainly convey the basic idea and emotion
you need to sell a toy idea.

A few well placed cross-hatched lines on a pad of paper or
digital layer can dynamically visualize a new play pattern for your next blue sky
ideation meeting that just might bring that dream into reality.

Whether you are a professional or student, take a little
time to experiment with this technique on the train, in a plan, in a car, in a
box with a fox—sorry, went Seuss there for a minute. You get the point though. 
Never stop learning or you may stop earning.

So, try this
out and I think you will see your sketches have more visual impact and free flowing line
work that will help sell your next dream into reality—dream big and play hard.


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