Toy Tech: Cross Hatching (Part 1)



Class Demo—Cross Hatching

Well, there are many techniques to use in sketching out
rough ideas for toy ideation. From simple outline marker scribbles to using the
side of a pencil for shading effects not to mention the wonderful world of
digital sketching that utilizes endless brush variants.

Today, I wanted to discuss the technique that I have used
since I was a young lad breaking into the business—cross-hatching. I tend to
use this technique with just about any medium because it creates a signature
style and simply adds a little flare here and there.

What does that have to do with toys you ask? Well, it
actually has a lot to do with any visual concept design ranging from toys to
product to feature film. Cross-hatching is a technique that allows you to
visualize an idea making it look detailed but not really taking a great deal of
time to do it—that’s key to our business.

I mainly use this technique for rough ideation sketches and
therefore can’t show a toy sketch because much of my idea work is still pending
the green light. So, a recent class demo I did will work to show how this
technique quickly indicates light and shadow forming all of the features and
details you need to capture a visual concept on paper.

 Continued In Part 2 . . .

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