“Slow Toy Awards” Announce the “Slow Seven of 2013”

Fatbrain-300x200Fat Brain Toys: Twig

This year’s “Slow Toy Awards” are
out.  The Slow Toy Movement is an
offshoot of the Slow Food movement.  The
Slow Food movement was a European reaction to McDonald’s and the growing
ubiquity of fast food.  Similarly, the
Slow Toy Movement seeks to be a reaction to plastic, heavily promoted toys that
rely too much on technology and not enough on traditional materials and
  Here are their criteria:

  • Must
    be available in independent stores
  • Must
    inspire the mind
  • Must
    not require batteries
  • Must
    not be solely made from plastic
  • It
    has to stand the test of time
  • It
    has to promise true play value
  • It must be a well made toy

I applaud the Slow Toy movement
for highlighting the notion that toys should aspire to do more than simply sell well. 
I do, however, have some concerns with their press release when it states that:  “The Slow Toy Awards aim to highlight the
‘real’ toys on the market that inspire children, will stand the test of time
and offer true play value.”  What exactly
are “real” toys and how do we measure “true” play value?  I also have some thoughts on their criteria.  I will discuss my concerns in my next posting
but until then, here are the winners, the “Slow Seven of 2013:”:

                                                                     Doll Pram – Moovers


                                East Coast Activity Cube - East


                                                Tiny Truck – Galt


                                    My First Play World Fire Brigade – HABA


                                    Meccano Multi Models Set  -  Meccano


                                       Twig – Fat
Brain Toys


                                Around the World Train Set  – Bigjigs Toys



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