Hello Kitty and Bad Piggy in Space; French Beat U.S. to the Punch

Have you been concerned about who will be the first nation to
put Hello Kitty and Bad Piggy into outer space? 

Well, you should be really concerned because a French father of three
has made it happen for his children through the use of a weather balloon, a
cell phone, some cameras and a homemade capsule.

This guy (identified only as Nicholas L) has to be the
greatest father…EVER.  I remember what I
went through just to send an Estes rocket a few hundred feet in the air for my
kids.  Nicholas sent his weather balloon up
20,000 meters (65,000+ feet).

So, let’s hand it to France and Nicholas with a hearty:  “Vive la France; vive la Piggy et Vive la

Enjoy this charming video “Nos jouets dans
l'espace (bad piggies et kitty) our toys in space.”


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