Toy Tech: Cuteness (Part 2)


Disney Fairies © 2010

Yes, the number one truth in life is that hard work can only
get you so far my friend, but cuteness can buy you the world—that is until you
are no longer cute. Then, you fall from grace and have to stand next in line to
Leif Garrett at the gas station waiting to buy your daily lotto ticket.

Face it, cuteness is dreamy and you need to be able to
ideate cuteness especially with licensed character designs. This is not an easy
task because you will have to draw your toy sketches with a bit more emotion and
personality to successfully deliver that ever elusive but all consuming—cuteness

Strong toy ideation not only captures the character’s
distinct visual attributes, but also their inner cuteness factor that gives
them their unique audience appeal. A technically correct drawing may convey the
toy mech and play pattern, but the cuteness factor must also be tightly woven
into the sketch to capture all that the licensed characters are to the fans who
collect them.

The inner personality of these unique characters come out in
their over all body poses, which is so important to accurately depict them. In
fact, most characters can be instantly recognized in silhouette form with no
details added at all—so nailing that key personality pose is crucial.

Continued In Part 3 . . .

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