Toy Tech: Cuteness (Part 1)



Alvin and the Chipmunks, © 2007 20th Century Fox

Being cute can get you far in this world. Just look at
Justin Bieber. A decent voice I will agree but he is basically known for
dancing with no shirt and touching himself inappropriately. If I did that I
would be arrested. You see, he’s cuteness personified and I’m, well, cuteness

How about Brad Pitt? Would anyone close the door on Brad
Pitt? Of course not! Now, for mere mortals like you and me, let’s just say the
door might stick a bit but for Brad the door opens wide and the drinks are free.

Do you think Angelina tells him to take the trash out every
Wednesday morning or fix the grout in the upper bathroom? Of course not! Why he
would just flash that smile and comb his fingers through his long hair and
problem solved. Even if the world became infested with zombies they would only chase
after him because he’s adorable.

Ahhhh, if only life were so easy for the rest of us. If only
they could bottle cuteness we would all be Brads and Biebers, swarmed by
screaming crowds of adoring fans lined alongside police barricades just to
watch us sip our free latte at the corner coffee shop.


Continued In Part 2 . . .

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