Fashion Sells Everything

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Pinterest, fashion dolls aside, when you type the word ‘fashion’ with any
toy/game brand, Lego turns
Lego Fergie up countless images. Various images of Fergie and Jet
Black wearing Lego assembles are plentiful as are Lego hats, shoes, suits,
heels, dresses, purses, jackets, skirts… everything! The second brand with a
plethora of images is Hello Kitty.

it by chance that these are a couple of the hottest brands in our industry? I
think not. Fashion sells. Tide detergent is using fashion via Project Runway to
sell laundry soap. Duct Tape was a theme of Project Runway. The Duct Tape marketing
people told me that using fashion very successfully sells their brand. My collaborators/partners
and I have been working to find avenues to get a bigger piece of the
entertainment pie for our industry, to promote the importance of play and sell
more toys and games. We’ve been doing it through inventors (TAGIE Awards),
through educators (Games for Educators) and to the public/media directly
(Chicago Toy & Game Fair). Why not fashion?  Last year was our first year, we came up with
the idea just months before and it was a runway success. The fashion industry
embraced it. The media loved it. The public ate it up. PlayCHIC, the toy inspired fashion show. 

The Chocolate Show’s Salon du Chocolat (yes, a chocolate fashion show) success
was our inspiration for playCHIC. This year we have a Project Runway designer,
Peach Carr. Joan Severance, the smart and
Joan-severance-playchic-host-2013 savvy model, actress and inventor is
hosting. We have room on our runway for your brand and we welcome you to join
the fun this year. Such novel approaches work for other industries – the housewares
industry did it with celebrity chefs (one of the inspirations for the TAGIEs),
the chocolate industry did it with their fashion show. The goal is to sell more
toys and games and get a buzz going in our toy industry. Come on, housewares,
Tide, Duct Tape? Toys and games are much more fun! Let’s do it! If not with us, do something on your own. This year Leapfrog, Bananagrams, Mayfair Games, Kickboard USA and others will be on our playCHIC runway. 

‘Be’ Fore of Mind Candy had this to say about last year’s playCHIC:

Candy’s experience with PlayCHIC to represent our core product Moshi Monsters
has been invaluable to gaining a greater brand awareness for us in North
America. The press from the event coupled with the dress being featured on
fashion runways since, including Italian Vogue and London Fashion Week, has
bolstered our brand recognition and fashion appeal. The display we now have of
the dress in our London headquarters has taken center stage in all our
filmings, press and documentaries since and really helps to establish us as the
fun, quirky and fashion forward company we are. Working with Anna van Slee and
the team was one of the best experiences, we really want to be involved this
year again as the stakes are higher with so much more press and initiatives as
well, exciting times, thrilled to be a part of it!” – Betsy “Be” Fore, Senior
Product Creative Manager – Toys, Mind Candy

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  1. Fashion meets play – This is my favorite event of ChiTAG because creativity shines throughout the entire evening. Not just for the sponsors and their runway looks, but there seemed to be a refreshing spirt and fun attitude amongst everyone in attendance. I can’t wait for the second PlayCHIC in just about a month!

  2. This is awesome! PlayCHIC was awesome last year! I was blown away with what I saw at PlayCHIC (which included our own WORD WINDER dress). Thanks for making that happen last year and for the upcoming event. I am very excited about this. It looks like this year’s PlayCHIC is going to be amazing!

  3. What better advertising/brand boosting than having it transformed into wearable couture. Showing the creativity of the brand and creating yet another customer touchpoint. Love it!

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