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About Leapfrog Toys

Michael Wood and Robert Lally founded LeapFrog in 1995. LeapFrog toys are educational in nature covering various subjects like phonics, reading, writing and math. In 2002 the company got listed on NYSE and is seeing success since then. LeapFrog has bagged a number of toy awards for their innovative learning toys. LeapFrog’s LeapPad is one of their bestselling toy. It is a combination between a gaming console and a learning device.

The Video Review

The picnic basket is a great toy that combines learning with fun. Well, but I feel the toy is overwhelmingly girlie. The company should come up with more neutral colors for this toy. I mean even boys can go for a picnic, right?

ToyTasting Overview
During our review process we received positive feedback across board. Parents liked the fact that the toy can initially be used as a fill and spill toy till 12 months. And later can be used as a creative toy allowing pretend play among kids

Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Basket

Additionally, the interactive basket also teaches kids shapes, colors, the concept of a picnic and manners like sharing. One of the parents quoted “It’s a toy that will surely be used for a long time!”

Another plus is that the pieces fit back into the basket after play. This teaches kids the concept of clean up.

ToyTasting Fun Moment
During the making of this video, kids kept coming up with different picnic stories. The play started with calling friends and asking them to join for a picnic. It later continued with a planning process as to what food to carry, venue, time, pick up point and more. After the plan was made, kids set off for the picnic on their bicycles. Although, it took around 20 minutes of planning before the picnic started. As a parent, it was great to see the kids planning every little thing even while at play.

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Retail Prices on Amazon USA: typically c. $18
For the purpose of this toy review we’d like to thank Yellow Giraffe the online toys store

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