Cloning Your Toys; The MakerBot 3D Digitizer


Do you have an object in your home that you would like
to duplicate without having to buy another one? 
Would you like to send a copy of it to someone on the other side of the
world without the cost of mailing it there? 
If you do, then thanks to MakerBot and its 3D Digitizer; now you can.

That’s according to an article in TechCrunch
entitled:  “MakerBot’s $1400 Digitizer
Now Available to Pre-Order, Will Ship by Mid-October.
”  Here, according to the article’s author,
Chris Velazco, is how it works:

you place an object on its
central turntable and fire up the device
, at which point a pair of lasers (for
greater accuracy, naturally) will scan the object’s surface geometry and turn
that cloud of data points into a 3D model. MakerBot says the whole process
takes about 12 minutes, after which you’re able to push the file to a 3D
printer of your choosing and have a grand ol’ time.

It’s pretty cool; here’s a video:  



Anyone who attended the World Congress of Play and saw
the personal 3D printers from 3DSYSTEMS knows how affordable and effective 3D
printing can be.  Thanks to companies
like 3DSYSTEMS and MakerBot; prices are going down and quality is going
up.  Both represent an opportunity and a
threat for established ways of manufacturing and distributing products.  It’s going to be interesting to see how
companies either make peace with or fight this new technology.


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