Toy Tech: A Buggy Design Sense (Part 3)



Hexbug Digital Sketch: Innovation First Labs, Inc. ©Copyright 2013

The sketches featured in this article are rather rough but I
like the excitement of unfinished line work, which to me sometimes has much
more movement and emotional impact than a noodled out presentation sketch. I
suppose that can be argued, so the point is to just make sure whatever style you
choice to render your golden idea in is fresh and impactful.

For this simple, down and dirty exercise of studying
successful toy designs, rough and downright ugly sketches are perfectly fine—the
goal of these drawings is simply to help you analyze the designs and all of the
detailed information hidden within them. Let the toys that impact you most
inspire your creativity and lead you down a new path of discovery.

I know a successful toy designer who sketches anything that
inspires her such as car details and even modern kitchen utensils. It’s
fascinating to she her design process in action and I’ve learned to respect her
personal direction in product research.

There are so many great industrial designs to draw from in
the vast universe of the retail marketplace, so you just never know where your
next inspiration will come from. I think that’s what makes our job so much
fun—the design of a kitchen spoon, a new hair dryer or even a little mechanical
bug shooting across the room just might be the small spark of creative genius that
ignites a next big idea in the field of toys. In fact, you just might be the
one that starts that fire. Have fun and keep dreaming.


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