Toy Tech: A Buggy Design Sense (Part 2)



Digital sketch: Innovation First Labs, Inc. ©Copyright 2013

The individual shapes and design choices on the Hexbug
scarab and spider designs alone are really impactful to me. The over all design
sensibility was based upon a characterized version of the real insects but also
possessed a beautifully refined sense of elegance in the final retail sculpts.

I find myself sketching out many other toy brands for
inspiration and insight, such as the Skylanders characters to better comprehend
why some design choices were made while others were not.

For instance, there are specific reasons why some details of
a toy were rounded off while other areas were comparatively harder edged. Why
some mechs were designed for speed while others for slower mobility.

Visually looking at a toy is one thing, but to actually
sketch it out dramatically improves our understanding and full perception of
the information available. I can’t tell you how much inspiration I personally
get just by taking a few minutes to celebrate a great toy design.

To me, each successful toy represents a design team that went
to great lengths working out every aspect of their design to get it right and
on budget. There is much to learn from their work and design choices.

Toy misfires are fun to study as well just to see what went
wrong—but that’s for another day. Most often than not, a few minutes spent on
studying internal gears, body housing and how limbs were constructed for optimal
movement and durability is all part of our daily education and motivation as
creative thinkers.


Continued In Part 3

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