Adult Play; It’s Old News



1800's – They thought ths was funny

I think many of us, particularly me, seemed to think that adults wanting to play was a new thing.  Something that started with the Baby Boomer generation which didn't want to grow up and at one time preached to "never trust anyone over 30."  Boy, does that seem ironic now.

Anyway, I came upon some pictures of adults playing and in some cases even playing kind of wierd.  Maybe because photography used to be so static as well as in black and white that we thought adults back then were just plain grim.  Take a look at these pictures and tell us what you think.

1901 – The Loop-the-Loop in Atlantic City. (But how did she keep her hat on?)


It looks like "Push Ball" was a major sport at one time


Frankly, I'm not sure what this is

1909- Paris Air Show (I don't think Disney does any better)

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  1. I finally got on your article (not sure if it was a problem on my end…). I think it goes without saying that everyone likes to play in some way or another. In as far as ‘never trust anyone over 30’ goes, never trust anyone who thinks that they act over 30.
    Best Wishes.

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