Toy Tech: Running On Empty (Part 2)



Detail of digital marker sketch with color added, Photoshop

So, running has been my escape from the everyday. Hitting
the streets clears my head and renews my energy. What I’m trying to say is
running on empty will fill you up. The rest of your day will be sharper and
you’ll have a much more positive outlook on just about every aspect of your
daily activities.

I always keep extra running gear in my car so if I hit a
roadblock in ideation at work I’ll go for a run during lunch to clear my mind
and fill my empty. After a few miles I remember I’m the luckiest guy in the
world. I have a great job, a really cute wife (brownie points), two awesome teenage children and
I also have a really cool convertible. I feel better. Really.


Digital sketch progression—Photoshop CS6

Many team members at work get together to play basketball,
which is not only great for personal fitness but also for strong team building.
When they get back to work the energy that overcomes the office is an overflow
of their workout. The high energy and positive environment makes it easy to
produce amazing toys.

Some may run while others walk or throw a few hoops—what do
you prefer? The point isn’t running or playing basketball specifically but to
just do something—anything that gets your heart pumping and your mind
refreshed. Live life to the fullest­—it’s the only one you get.

You may still be left scratching your head wondering why I
included an article about running and daily exercise on my GTN post that focuses
primarily on Toy Tech, but your health as a designer, spouse, parent and creative
thinker deserves to be the highest quality possible.

Sometimes you get so busy taking care of
business you need to step back and spend a little time taking
care of yourself—you are very much worth the effort. So, take heed of the words
of wisdom uttered by the great inter-galactic philosopher with pointy ears and a long term feature film franchise—live
long and prosper.

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