Brains Explode at World Congress of Play

One of our goals at the World Congress of Play was to
provide so much great information from so many perspectives from so many
outstanding speakers that that we could help people see their business of play
in a new way.  We appear to have
succeeded as attendees kept approaching me with the same comment: “I think my
brain is going to explode.” 

Here is how noted graphic novelist Larry Marder put it on
Twitter after the conference:  “Heading
for home, mind totally blown…I’ll be thinking for WEEKS.”

Here is what Lisa Finn, Editor for EPM Communications, had to say in an email to one of her associates:

energy in the room was higher than any conference I've ever participated in.

They were engaged, warm, friendly, looser. Not that they were wearing shorts
and Hawaiian shirts but it was relaxed. Everyone was really interested in the
speakers; there was less checking of email during presentations than usual. One
of the more interesting events I've ever been to and I wasn't the only one who
felt that way."

During the next few weeks I will be talking with those
who attended the conference about their take-aways and sharing with you the different new
perspectives.  If you were an attendee,
please write me to share your thoughts on the conference and what you learned
from attending.

In my next post, I will write about a major insight I
gained from the conference:  “The Dynamic

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  1. So frustrated that I was unable to attend – but so proud to hear that the event surpassed great and kindled hope…..and looking forward to reading about the Dynamic Present. A cheer to your efforts to shine lights on the future of play.

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