The Movie Theater of the Future; Part Theme Park Ride, Part Game and Part Movie



Theaters will gradually move away from looking at a rectangle of light
in a dark room and evolve into large-scale public attractions becoming urban
theme parks, where cinema is only part of the experience.

Andrei Severny

I am in San Francisco getting ready for the World Congress
of Play.  In that it celebrates and
illuminates the convergence of play; I felt that it was only fitting that I bring
a fascinating and important article by Andrei Severny to your attention.  Entitled, “Imagine a Movie Theatre of the
Future:  All the World’s a Screen
,” the
article gives the reader a look at a totally re-conceptualized entertainment
experience that is part theme park ride, part game and part movie.

Story will still be king but the way a consumer experiences
that story will be totally immersive.  In
fact, according to Severny:  “through technologies
emerging today – flexible screens, motion controls, haptic- or tactile –
technology, smart glasses, virtual and augmented reality. The merging of real
and projected worlds will produce a seamless experience – a complete illusion
of being part of a film.”

term “seamless” to me is the key word. 
The challenge for all of us who provide play is to make the  experience
seamless as it moves from what is perceived by older generations as unreal
(virtual reality) to real (the physical object) to super real (augmented reality) to what is
experienced by today's children as simply one expanded universe

Severny moves from the more immediate future to one even more ahead the
vision becomes fascinating as he sees an experience in which “the real world
will become secondary. Landmarks and businesses will have stories, characters,
sequences and scenes attached to them when one visits,
all stored as potential
experiences designed to increase one’s relationship to the place.”

If you think this is science fiction; make sure to read my next posting.

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