Toy Tech: Drawing From Life (Part 1)


ANGEL_SKETCHQuick sketch of industrial designer Angel Cintron: Joseph Sapulich © 2013


I can’t tell you how important it is to spend time drawing
from life. Draw from life you say? What has that to do with toy design? Well,
when you think about it, all of our ideas are drawn from life. We study
marketing trends, constantly research consumer behavior and even update color
schemes all based upon the latest likes and dislikes of people living life.

Even play patterns that drive toy sales are all driven by
life and how we choose to perceive the world we live in. Yes, perception has a great deal to do
with life and can give us the mindset to achieve greatness in spite of all odds
or sink down to the deepest depths failing to recognize the opportunities to succeed. In fact, we may very well be on the verge of achieving an amazing
milestone but fail to realize it because of personal insecurity that filters our

I’ll never forget kissing my wife the very first time. We were
in a park sitting together on a swing holding hands on a wonderful sunny day. We
were talking and she was so beautiful my heart was pounding and then there was silence.
We both looked deep into each other’s eyes and, well, I leaned in and planted
one right on her lips—a bold move to be sure.

Then, without warning I second guessed my actions and my confidence evaporated. Surely I could have done better, so like a scene from a Woody
Allan movie I apologized profusely while adjusting my thick bottle bottom glasses.
Now, that my friend is insecurity! I thought
I failed, but in reality we would spend the rest our our lives together—nearly twenty-five years married and
still counting.

The point I’m trying to make is our perception of life is
shaped by our sense knowledge. For designers, the most influencial of these senses is sight. Sometimes sight works well, but other times depending upon how much we actually process, we don’t take in the full extent of the vast
array of details that surround us. So, as creative people, drawing from life helps to maximize our understanding and increases the depth of our perception.


Continued In Part 2 . . .

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