9 Best Game Board Pieces of All Time + 1 that is Dangerous (Numbers 1-5)

I recently noted that the world’s oldest game
pieces have been discovered in Turkey. 
The 5,000 year old objects
came in a variety of colors and shapes including pyramids, dogs and pigs.  If you think about it, it's really not too
different from modern game pieces. 

It got me thinking about what are the best looking game
pieces of all time.  Here is my list in no particular order.  Please let us know yours.

1.    Classic Chess Pieces (Circa 600 AD)


Chess is only 1500 years old so it is a lot younger than
those pieces found in Turkey.  Still, it’s a classic and as such, its
traditional pieces have stood the test of time. 
If I say Chess, an image of a classic Knight or King immediately flashes
in your brain.  Now, that’s elegance.

2.    Go (Circa 1000 BC)

Speaking of elegance, there is nothing more pure than the
simple stone like Go piece. It looks good to the eye and feels good in the
hand.  It also makes a nice clicking
sound when you put it down on a wooden board.

3.    Mahjong (Circa 500 BC)


I have no idea how to play Mahjong and actually have no
particular interest in learning how.  It's tiles are,
however, absolutely gorgeous and I understand why people do love it.  I am fascinated by bizarre pictographs coupled with what was once ivory. 

4.    Monopoly Battleship  (1937)


I have always been partial to the Monopoly Battleship piece.  It is so wonderfully
dated looking.  It reminds you of Teddy Roosevelt and the Great White Fleet
I am sure you have your favorite Monopoly piece as well.  Let us know which you prefer.

5.    Scrabble Tiles (1938)


What feels and looks nicer than one of the original Vermont maple tiles?  Holding it in your hand and then placing it
on the board provides the same tactile and plunking qualities of the stone Go

The rest in my next posting.

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