In Praise of Coffee

I am going to take a time out from writing about play to
reflect upon the one thing that makes our business possible:  Coffee
If I was to ask you this question: 
“What drives the world?” you would probably respond that it is
money.  And you may be right but I am not
so sure; I think its coffee.

You can be a better businessperson; a more in-depth
observer; a deeper thinker because of coffee. 
I can tell you that you will play a better game of Scrabble and derive a
better solution to just about any problem because of that wonderful drink; that
legal drug that I like to call the steroids of our profession.

If you think I am wrong; I invite you to consider
this:  Did you ever notice that the Renaissance
started at just about the same time that coffee was introduced into Europe?
  It was the dark ages for centuries and then
someone took a sip of coffee and murmured: 
“Woha! Do I have an idea!”  In
other words: No coffee; no Leonardo Da Vinci.

It is my love of coffee; the taste; the feel of a warm
mug when it’s cold outside; the tinkling sound of ice cubes when it is not;
that prompted me to pay attention to the wonderful info graphic pictured above from
Thrillist: “How much caffeine is actually in your coffee, from Dunkin' to

Consider it a public service.  Now, I have to get another cup of coffee.

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