Who’s Attending the World Congress of Play


We are about a month away from the World Congress of
.  This event brings together all the
play industries (Traditional Toys and Games; Digital Play;
Video Games; Children’s Media; and Playgrounds) as well
as those who service, care about, research and nurture them. 

Many of you have asked who is attending.  We are adding more faces and voices every day
but I decided to share with you some data on the event.  (We
have just about sold out our block of rooms at the Hilton but don’t worry, we have located
hotels in the area that are offering comparable rates and are within a block or
two of the conference.  You will find them listed on the
website hotel reservation page.)

Here are some facts about our attendees:

  • 26% self-identify as Founders
  • 30% are CEO’s, C Level Executives or Presidents
  • 12% are Play Researchers
  • 5% have PhD's
  • 30% are from Digital Play and Video Games
  • 30% are from the Traditional Toy and Game Industry
  • 15% are from Transmedia
  • 20% are from Children’s Media
  • 5% are from the Playground Industry

In addition we have a myriad of other professions and
industry segments including a Forbes Magazine Top 30 Social Entrepreneur, an Augmented
Reality Architect, a Robotics specialist,Pproximity Based computing expert, a 3D
Manufacturing expert, a play specialist, a comic book author / illustrator
and an expert on Human Computer Interaction

All in all; it’s the ultimate mash-up of play industry

If you haven’t signed up yet, do so by clicking here.  We want to include your voice. 

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