Toy Tech: The Digital Pencil (Part 1)



Study for toy ideation: Paramount Pictures © 2010, Nickelodeon © 2010

All right, I know the The Last Airbender didn’t do great box
office but I just wanted to show you this character study I did for toy
ideation because it’s completely digital. 
From the pencil to the background and even the ink splatters—it’s done completely
with digital brushes.

Digital you say? Digital? How can that be? Well, Adobe
Photoshop allows you to customize brushes to your heart’s content. Imagine if
you will, working directly in the digital realm and not having to scan in a
drawing or rescan a patch to make a revision.



Not only would direct to digital remove repetitive time
consuming tasks but you would also have more time to do what you do best—think
creatively and perfect your design which ultimately advances our industry.

Adobe Photoshop allows for customization of brushes allowing
you to create an endless array of special effects suited to your personal skill
set. This technology also empowers you to capture an amazing visual tool that has
stood the test of time—the mighty pencil.

Yes, imagine having a pencil you don’t need to sharpen. Draw
and draw and draw yet the pencil never wears out.  Many design teams use piles of paper and
pencils while expensive computer systems sit next to all of the action unused
until an email arrives—ding!


Continued In Part 2 . . .  

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