You Are the Creator; Why DIY in Toys and Video Games Cannot Be Ignored


When you look at the play industry across platforms, consumer play patterns become much clearer.
  For example, we have for some time now been aware that end users want to be part of the creative
process.  The Internet has played a major
role in allowing that to happen.  What happens, however, when the end user takes over the
entire creative process? 

That is what could happen when one considers the power that a 3D printer gives a
creator.  3D Printing, with its ability
to produce pretty much any three dimensional product in a variety of materials,
will likely be part of a revolution in how we produce and consume
Taken to its logical
conclusion the designer would be king and factories, cargo ships, tractor trailers and retail
stores could become superfluous.  Hence, 3D Printing is potentially to the
consumer products industry (toys included) what Napster was to music.

\unlike the toy industry, It appears that the video game industry is not sitting still.  It is being proactive
by creating software that allows end users to create their own games while
staying within the hardware provider’s grid.
On July 25, 2013, “Microsoft confirmed that the next-gen Xbox One will
allow gamers to use the
system as a developer kit to make and publish their own
titles.”  That was according to Drew
Guarini writing for the Huffington Post in his article “Xbox One Will Allow Any Owner To Become A Video Game Developer.

To me, whether Microsoft's strategy ultimately works out or not
is beside the point.  What is key is that
Microsoft is thinking creatively about how to create business models that work
in a progressively disruptive marketplace. 
What are those in the toy industry planning to do?


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