Children + Play = The Future

I have long believed that toys help create the future by
shaping the people who live in it.  In
other words, if a toy in childhood helps determine your profession, scholarship
and / or passion in life; it will, in your adult life, have a direct impact on
you, those around you and the society at large.

Now, according to an article in Progressive Preschool,
Starting Early,” there is a study that supports this notion.  British retailer, Argos, joined with
researchers to analyze the correlation between play and profession.
  According to the article, “Results
demonstrated a clear correlation between the play that adults enjoyed as
children and their current careers

The article goes on to state:  “Over 60% of adults working in design-led
jobs (architects and designers) reported enjoyed playing with building blocks;
while 66% of those in maths related roles (accountants and bankers) couldn’t
get enough of puzzle play.”

The article ends by noting that 10% of parents purchase toys
with an eye towards a career path
that a little low?
  If play has such a
major impact, shouldn’t parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles be taking play
a little more seriously; shouldn’t we?

Thank you to my
friend, Nancy Davies of Interplay, for this great article. 


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