Top GTN Stories of 2013: The Clone Factory; Is It The Brave New World of Dolls?


3D printing continues to be a hot topic but this particular article seemed to push a button with readers.  Perhaps it was the unsettling picture.


Have you ever looked at a photograph from, say ten years ago, and thought: “(Sniff) I looked so young then?”  (Yes, you have! Don’t lie to us.)  How would you like to preserve the way you looked  when you  had a few less wrinkles? 

Well you can if you visit the Clone Factory in Japan.  There you will not be able to create a living, perpetually younger version of yourself but you will be able to create a doll that looks just like you did “then.”  And its fully articulated so you can pose it anyway you like.

That’s what I learned when I visited a fascinating website with the name:  “Culture Japan.”  Danny Choo, the sites owner, writes about above named “The Clone Factory,” a 3D printing company that creates dolls or action figures that preserve the “you” that you were. 

Choo has taken some great pictures of his visit to the factory.   They show the entire process and in doing so force you to consider what this means for an adult population that not only wants to play forever but wants to stay young forever as well. 

Japan typically runs about a year ahead of the rest of us in terms of technology and technology adaption so look for this to be a popular medium coming to an office park near you.   

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