Toy Tech: The Humble Notebook (Part 3)



Notebook exploration sketch: Marvel Entertainment © 2013, Creata © 2013

I personally
use a Quo Vadis notebook featuring Clairefontaine lined paper. Most of my
friends do not use lined paper but the purpose of my notebooks is to hold ideas
as well as drawings, so the lined paper helps me write out my thoughts in a
more organized manor. Moleskin notebooks are also a very
popular choice among designers and they come in some well thought out colors
and cover designs.

Many tend to
use pencils, markers and ballpoint pens but I found that a marker or my trusted Namiki Falcon fountain pen works best for me. That way I can change the ink to
different colors to keep things fresh. In any case, it’s all about recording
random bits of information and to continue to explore those ideas from
different angles eventually taking them to the next level.


Sample notebook pages

No one looks at your personal notebook so you can feel free to explore and scribble
without any need to make the sketch look good—it’s all about the idea behind

I hope you
will give the humble notebook a try within your own personal creative journey.
If you do, I’m sure you will find the process useful and even profitable. Who
knows, you may even discover that multi-million dollar idea that turns the toy
industry upside down.

At the very
least, you just might look back at your notes and recover a random thought you
jotted down that fits perfectly within your current project. In any case, cherish
your creative thoughts, enjoy the challenging journey of discovery and never
stop dreaming big!


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