Augmented Reality Coloring Books; Wow!

Augmented reality is finally coming into its own; just
take a look at ColAR; an app that works with a physical crayon and paper color page
that is so amazing that it makes you…well… it makes you want to color! 

Here is how it works. 
You purchase the app and then you download color book pages from the
ColAR website.  Color them in as you
normally would with a marker or crayon and then look at them through your phone
or tablet’s camera feature.  What you see
is your drawing come to life and move around

To appreciate it you need to see it so check out this
video.  After viewing it, let us know
what you think.


2 thoughts

  1. Interesting! Do you just see an animation of the drawing? It would be good if you could somehow manipulate or interact with the drawing too…novelty could wear off quite quickly otherwise…

  2. That is the totally FUN-kiest Video I have ever seen. Online at your Global Toy News Site:
    As a fan of Captain Kangaroo and Crayola Crayons (since 1957) and person(ality) who loves to color more than even eating chocolate or shopping, I’ve never seen anything like this. Had I had this app back in 1991 when I founded Cartoonists Against Crime (C)1991 and Cartoonists Against Terrorism a decade later, those Comic Art Movements would have really taken off. This gives every person the ability to see how their subjects can become animated; implants ideas for further creativity & within time will keep kids (who are poor without opportunities) in a job or career that they can really sink their teeth into. For those who come from good homes with no real issues, the sky is the limit! CoIAR really has their fingers on the pulse of Creativity! Incredible. Fun & every person should have this. Furthermore, IF we take this into an ART Gallery – will the ART fly off the page? I would assume it will and can. I’m amazed! And, happily so. What could possibly be next?
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    Koopersmith’s Global Comms.
    “People read what ASK writes about…”
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