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About Laser Pegs

In 2009 Jon Capriola founded Laser Pegs. Laser Pegs is the world’s first construction toy that illuminates a child’s creation. They are basically clear plastic bricks with super bright LEDs inside.  Each unique light piece feeds the next light piece through low voltage current and illuminates the entire structure.

The Video Review

I think Jon Capriola has done a brilliant job by combining two kid’s favorite activities – Construction and Lights Play together. The approach of bringing construction, creativity, design and visual appeal in one toy has worked very well.

ToyTasting Overview
We recently reviewed 3 Laser Pegs sets. In general, kids were kicked with the idea of LED lights. The feedback was positive across board. The most popular set was 1070 Dragon Set.

Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs are also compatible with LEGO blocks. Both parents and kids loved this idea. High usage of the batteries made parents panic. But, later they were glad to know that the LED lights can run for about 100,000 hours.

The pegs are easy to put together. There are endless possibilities to come up with an innovative creation each time. Parents and kids liked the idea of the finished structure not breaking apart easily. Now Parents can leave their kid’s masterpieces glowing in their homes.

ToyTasting Fun Moment
We divided the kids in 3 groups of 4 each. While introducing the toy, we told them that the group to build an innovative structure would get to see a magical surprise. Kids being kids immediately got to work. It was fun to see the competiveness and the little sneak-peaks into other groups. The madness finally came to end after an hour. We were in complete awe to see the creations. When we finally showed them the light-up surprise, they were happier than ‘the kids in a toy store’ kids in the Chocolate Factory. One kid immediately came up with the idea to use it as a night watchman in his zoo. He built a Zebra. I tell you, a child’s imagination can really run wild!

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Retail Prices on Amazon USA: typically c. $20 – $50

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