Toys and Gender Extremes

One of the reasons we are putting on the
World Congress of Play is to shake up the way we  look at the business of play.   Whether
by platform, gender
and / or  by age; the
various play industries have created artificial gaps that don’t
need to exist and as a result cost sales.

Consider this data illustrated below in a great Bloomberg
Businessweek article by Matt Townsend:  “Mattel's
Mom Issue: They Really Don't Get Hot Wheels.”
The below graphic was included in the article:

Yes, some of these gaps may make some sense on a
gender level but does it seem natural to you they are so
extreme?  Do the silos we create distort them? 
It’s a serious issue for
the toy industry because it may be costing everyone a great deal of revenue and

Consider this question I like to raise with
audiences:  If you were to put action figures
and fashion dolls in the same department and if you were to start running GI
Joe from right to left and Barbie from left to right; what would you put in the
middle?”  That gap goes unrecognized
because we gender segregate one kind of a doll (action figures) from another
kind of doll (fashion dolls).  One category that comes to mind might come under the wonderful amalgamation of “Action Doll” coined by
the people at Makie Lab

Another company with the vision and will to
be a gap filler is GoldieBlox
who announced their inclusion in the Toys R Us
lineup with this great, gender breaking video:



Join us at the World Congress of Play and
help us close all of the gaps.

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