The New York Times Top 200 List of Executive Pay; The Play Industry

Opportunities to see the Play Industry in context to the
broader world of business are not as common as we would like. That was why I
took some time to study The New York Times Top 200 List of Executive Compensation.
  To make the list, a company had to have
generated over one billion dollars in 2012 revenues and filed proxies for 2012
by May 31 of 2013.

I wanted to know how play industry members fit into a mix
that included giants like Nike and Ford. 
So, I went through the list looking for companies that were engaged, at
least in part, in the business of making or retailing play.  Here they are in order of top executive total

Top 200 Rank      Play
Ind. Rank     Company Name                          Category

2                                  1              Activision
Blizzard                     Video

4                                  2              Discovery Communications         Media

7                                  3              Walt
Disney                              Transmedia

9                                  4              Yahoo                                        Int.
Content Provider

11                                 5              Viacom                                     Transmedia

13                                 6             eBay                                         eCommerce

28                                 7              Dollar
General                            Variety

46                                 8              Wal-Mart                                   Mass Merchandiser

47                                 9              Target                                        Mass

54                                 10             TJX                                           Off-Price Retailer

77                                 11             Dollar
Tree                                Dollar

97                                 12             Bed,
Bath and Beyond               Specialty

158                               13             Big
Lots                                    Off-Price Retailer

163                               14             AOL                                          Int.
Content Provider

169                               15             Mattel                                       Toy

184                               16             GameStop                                Video Game

In my next posting, I rank these companies in order of 2012


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