A Visit to FIT – the Future of Toys


I had the privilege of speaking to the Junior and Senior classes of FIT's toy design program this past year at the invitation of the lovely and charming Ms. Judy Ellis. It is always a pleasure to talk about toys and what I do as an inventor, and these students were a very engaged group with lots of good questions.


I try to impart several messages on such occasions.

1. Don't let your belief that something can't be done keep you from attempting to do it if it is indeed a worthy goal worth reaching. We have been amazed on more than one occasion when we have managed to do something we thought was impossible at the outset.

2. Toys matter and in fact change the world by inspiring the work we do as adults and the contributions we make to society. Frank Lloyd Wright and the Wright Brothers both claimed that their childhood toys inspired their life's work.


3. Teamwork and collaboration are the secret ingredients needed to create the greatest results. We discovered how to work as a team some years back, as opposed to a group of people simply working in close proximity. Teamwork is odorless and tasteless, and I consider it one of my primary functions to foster teamwork in our office.

This batch of future toy designers, nurtured by Judy Ellis and the program she founded at FIT, looks to be very promising. I look forward to discovering the toys of tomorrow.

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