Culturally Significant Cartoons; My Top 5

In my last posting, (“In Search of the World’s Most Important Cartoon Characters;
Mickey Mouse, Superman, Snoopy?
”), I pondered the importance of
cartoons as cultural icons.” In this posting, I have decided to provide you
with my list and criteria for what makes a culturally significant cartoon.  

Here are my criteria for measuring cultural

Mickey 2Is
it instantly recognizable?

it cross cultures?

it multi-generational?

Does it
send a clear message?

Based upon the above my top 5 are:

  1. Mickey
    – The Coca Cola of cartoons.  He is
    the non-frenetic, everyman, little guy action hero who conquers all except his
    love for a good woman

  2. Snoopy
    – Universally known, just visit the Charlie Brown café in Hong Kong and you
    will know what I mean.  He represents sheer joy in the moment.

  3. Superman
    – 75 years is a long time to be a cultural icon.  His is the American dream and nightmare in
    which an immigrant comes to America, succeeds dramatically but never really
    fits in.

  4. Homer
    – Has replaced Dagwood as the universal male idiot.  He is the uneducated, everyman underclass
    writ large.  His moments of domestic
    violence, child neglect, drunkenness and poor job performance make us laugh but
    in real life they are society’s darkest side

    Maybe, as funny as Homer is, he makes us wonder why we laugh and what
    exactly are we laughing at?

  5. Betty
    – Simply libido in black and white

Betty BoopSo, how would you rank cartoon characters? 

What will be the classics in 50 years? 

Whether it’s by how much they make you laugh
or think; let us know.

One thought

  1. Great list and the fact that you have a criteria emphasizes why they are your list to begin with. I agree. Mickey Mouse and Snoopy are so neck in neck in my opinion but only by a hairline.

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