Chessboxing; yep, you read that right

Are you familiar with Chessboxing?   As crazy as it sounds it does indeed exist
offering the possibility of 
having your Knight taken at one moment and your brains knocked out in the next. 
As the WCBO (World Chess Boxing Organization) puts it:  "The task of the WCBO is to train people in the no. 1 thinking sport
and the no. 1 fighting sport and the combination of both."

Let me begin by saying that I have boxed (it hurts) and I
have played Chess (which also hurts but in a different, more ego driven
way).  I am therefore, I must admit,
fascinated by the combination.

Here is how Chessboxing works:   A contest takes place over the course of
eleven rounds.  Six of the rounds are
dedicated to Chess and five to Boxing.
 The rounds alternate with one minute breaks;
the boxing rounds last  for three minutes
each while the chess rounds are played using a chess clock.   The
contest is awarded on a point system unless there is a knock out in the ring or
on the Chess board (i.e.  A checkmate).

Lest you think this is an event for nerds with a strong
right hook; know that there is a world championship and that  it features competitors like the Andy “The
Rock” Costello, Nikolay "The Chairman" Sazhin  and " Andrew “the Fightin’
Philanthropist” McGregor (actually that last one does sound a bit nerdy…but

 I propose that
Mary Couzin include a Chessboxing event at the next Chicago Toy & Game
Fair.  If she does, I for one will be at
ringside…and maybe in the ring. 


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