This Week In Digital Kids: The Second Screen Revolution

BaileyheaderThe second screen concept involves the use of an additional device, such as a tablet or smartphone, while watching television. A person's tablet or smartphone syncs to the television and adds levels of interactivity
to the viewing experience through apps and sites specifically designed to complement
on-air content.

While second screen isn’t a new
activity, advances in mobile technology have made it a developing
trend in the Digital Kids market this year.

Recently, two second screen apps
for kids were released, allowing children to play and learn through added games
and activities while watching a broadcast series.

TN-159050_MagicRubyFremantleWizardsvsAliensSecondScreen_originalFremantleMedia Kids
& Family Entertainment and Magic
, a provider of technology and apps for the second screen, announced that
their upcoming launch of Wizards vs. Aliens on Hub Network will be supported by
a second screen app available exclusively for iPad.

“FremantleMedia has been a
pioneer in the second screen experience for some of the biggest entertainment
shows in the world, such as American Idol and The X Factor, in turn making them
two of the most socially relevant shows,” said Nicholas Dale, Senior Manager of
Interactive and Mobile, FremantleMedia. ”With today’s youth utilizing
mobile technology at an increasing rate, we’re thrilled to now be the leader in
bringing a second screen experience to the kids’ market.”

The Wizards vs. Aliens app offers
a comprehensive and robust Wizards vs. Aliens experience, providing content
beyond what can be experienced in the broadcast TV world. 

Consumers have the opportunity to sync the app with actual episodes of the show, accessing additional
content that enhances their viewing experience.

As viewers progress through the
series and continue using the sync feature, they will unlock more content relevant
to each episode and the progression of the storyline.

The app became available on the App
two days prior to the show premiere on Hub Network.

Second screen features also made
waves in the France’s kids market this week. Gulli
released its first broadcast-synchronized second screen app, based
on the animated Redakai: Conquer the
series in France.

Produced by Marathon Media and Spin Master, the series connects with
smart devices through SyncNow
technology by Civolution.

When a child opens the app during
the Big Redakai Challenge broadcast, their mobile or tablet device recognizes
the show and offers ways for them to digitally interact with the show, play
corresponding games and activities, collect virtual trading cards and win

This enhanced level of
interactivity is setting the stage for advances in the digital and broadcast markets overall.

Learn more on why the “Second
Screen Industry is Set to Explode” in this
recently published report
by Business Insider.

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