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Richa Dikshit | ToyTasting

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About Dickie Toys

Dickie Toys is a vehicles brand – which is quite popular in continental Europe. It's part of the Simba-Dickie Group. With vehicles like police cars, tractors and planes they have boys going crazy about anything that moves on wheels.

Dickie Toys received the RC license for Disney Pixar Cars. They now have a complete range of these cars – so we decided to give it a try.

The Video Review

Personally, I believe RC cars should have an element of construction built into them. To add a sense of accomplishment to the play. So I wish the designers at Dickie looked into this aspect.

ToyTasting Overview

The kids were rather excited to see a long remote-controlled truck. Different from the usual Hot Wheels cars or monster trucks.

Dickie RC Turbo Mack Truck

The common feedback was that they were happy with the number of features and activities this truck can perform. The detachable trailer is powered by the motorized truck that can work well indoors and outdoors. It features working headlights, brakes, moving eyes and a sound mode which makes sounds like engine starting, accelerating, braking, honking and reversing beep.

ToyTasting Fun Moment

During the making of the Dickie RC Turbo Mack Truck video it took us a couple of takes before we could actually get the truck to reverse perfectly into the trailer. I can assure you it’s not easy!

The kids then came up with an intelligent idea to create a new game around it by timing themselves to see who could do it the fastest.

See Full Screen video here
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