Nintendo’s New Patent Could Mean Competition on the Toy Aisle for Hasbro and Mattel

Nintendo-LogoMy prediction is that non-traditional toy companies are going to be following the succesful example of Skylanders and entering the toy department.  The result will be major competition for our current toy industry leaders (Mattel, Hasbro
and Lego).

That’s why I was struck by joystiq article written by David Hinkle
titled “Nintendo patents game controller integration in remote-controlled
.”  Here is how Hinkle describes the
event:  “Nintendo has been granted a new patent
this week, a "remotely controlled mobile device control system
" filed
back in 2011. In layman's terms, it's a patent that calls for embedding a
Wiimote within a remote-controlled toy – a toy which then would interact with a
game console

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo has up its
sleeve.  It’s going to be even more intriguing to
see where the product is merchandised in stores
; on the toy aisle or in the video game department.  On the same note, will the device be counted by NPD as, like Skylander figures, a video game
accessory or as a remote control toy. Wherever it lands, look for a shakeup in the world of traditional toys.



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  2. Richard, I suspect this prediction has tectonic implications. A request – it’ll be really great if all your posts relating to the industry trends/ threats, are bunched together under a common heading in the website

  3. Hey Richard! I totally agree with your prediction on this! Clearly there are going to be a lot more tricks, twists & turns coming into the Toy & Game Industry as new technologies evolve and continue to become an every-day part of all of our lives. The Toy/Game industry will never be “business as usual” when there are so many creative minds involved and at work. Thanks for the “Heads Up” on this!

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