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About Bloco

Bloco Toys was founded in 2004 by Nathalie Barcelo. The brand is defined by its use of high density foam (think flippy-floppy house slippers) in making 3D construction toys. What I really like is that the plastic connectors, allow rotation. Kids love that! It also helps that Bloco uses vibrant colors.

The Video Review

The Bloco range is currently inspired by the animal kingdom. I feel that in the coming years the brand should try and design larger sets and go beyond the animal kingdom theme. Yet, in many ways, what Nathalie has already shown is that it is still possible to innovate and create lovely playthings for kids.

ToyTasting Overview
We recently reviewed five Bloco toys with our panel of families. While the feedback was positive across the board, the Savanna in Pajamas and Combat Dragon sets were more popular with the kids.

Bloco Toys

The consistent feedback was that both parents and kids were surprised by the product itself. The novelty of a construction toy that was essentially of foam, was a winner. The parents rated the assembling as medium grade difficulty. The feedback was that you had to budget upto two hours to get a full set in place. However, since each set had multiple toys, the kids could start playing within 45 mins of unpacking.

ToyTasting Fun Moment
During the making of the Bloco videos the kids kept comparing the toys with LEGO. The kids really liked the high density foam material of Bloco. Somewhere down the line, the kids realized that they needn't stick to the prescribed animals, and could instead mix and create their own funny creatures. That's when the madness began. Before long we had our own "Lion King"-cum-"Madagascar" High (like Monster High).

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