The Hub Network, Kiss and Hello Kitty

One of the odder combinations to come along in a while is
the KISS x Hello Kitty line of products. 
An even odder combination may just be the recently announced plan for The
Hub Network to air a Gene Simmons produced Kiss Hello Kitty cartoon show. 

The KISS x Hello Kitty line has been
around since 2010 and has done  well with a largely adult market.  That raises the question:  Will children who watch My Little Pony and
the parents who watch them watch be drawn to a formerly sweet Hello Kitty now
wearing leather and studs and sticking out her tongue? 

I visited the Hello Kitty website store to
see what types KISS x Hello Kitty products were being sold.  What I found was that everything on the page
came in adult sizes with some pretty nice

price tags ($65.00 for a KISS x
Hello Kitty Tote Bag).
  So, it appears, that at least until now the KISS x
Hello Kitty strategy has been targeted at adults rather than kids.

It feels like a better fit for Cartoon
’s Adult Swim which airs from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM rather than The
Hub.  But who knows, the Hub may have
just made a master stroke but until we see who watches this show and if it
draws a different type of viewer (tweens, teens and young adults) we’ll have to
wait and see. 

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