Wooden Bricks Inspired by Lego


I love these wooden versions of Lego bricks from
.  It really says something about the warmth and feel that wood lends to toys and games.  It simply adds a tactile experience that other materials simply cannot provide.

If you can remember when Hasbro made their wooden
Scrabble tiles out of Vermont maple you will know what I mean.  The Vermont maple tile had a weight and
density plus a feel that felt substantial and smooth when held by the tips of
the fingers.  It gave the game a whole
other dimension as the highly stimulated workings of the mind were combined
with a solid “plunk” sound as words were spelled out tile by tile.

Similarly, the old wooden Monopoly pieces had an abstract
look and feel that made choosing your piece totally an idiosyncratic experience.  Why exactly did you want that
tall, weird unpainted piece instead of that little yellow piece that looks like the inspiration for R2D2?

Are wooden bricks for children?  Why do they have to be?  I think there are adults who would pay a
premium to have something in their family room that functions both as play piece,
décor object and a type of worry bead.

Thank you Marjorie Israel Chayette of CitiBlocs for
bringing this to my attention.

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