This Week in Digital Kids: Hasbro’s Mark Blecher Talks Digital Marketing


Mark blecherAs kids and families increasingly flood the digital space, the way a
company markets across digital channels plays a significant role in
product sales and revenue generation.

At the base of Hasbro’s digital marketing presence comes insight from its Senior Vice President of Digital Media and Marketing, Mark Blecher.Hasbro-inc-logo

With so many different and developing mediums in the market, Blecher
was quick to clarify that Hasbro does not treat digital marketing as a
unique thing or something that can be put in a vacuum. It isn’t viewed
separately because it comes with the digital age and is naturally
something the company would integrate and implement across all brands.

Because of the ever-evolving digital age, new marketing vehicles have
emerged, making it easier for Hasbro to reach consumers. Some examples
of those vehicles in which Hasbro invests include websites, search
engine optimization and social media along with mobile websites, apps
and paid advertising in mobile search.

“It’s exciting that with so many different vehicles in digital
marketing we can now use our dollars to better reach our consumers
because we can more accurately measure each strategy, something we
couldn’t do with traditional marketing,” Blecher said. “With traditional
marketing, there were ways to measure, but numbers were often estimates
that were not always correct. Now we can immediately see responses
without spending as much time or money.”

Mobile games, for example, show the number of people playing them,
how and when, making it possible for Hasbro to more accurately target
and measure the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.

Because Hasbro has so many brands and targets, it is important for the company
to make each brand consistent on its own. The digital age’s plethora of
channels and vehicles allows Hasbro to offer stronger brand

While digital ways of reaching people provides the company with many
important advantages, the number of new ways to reach these consumers
also acts as a double-edged sword, Blecher noted.

He said, “There continues to be new channels and ways to reach
consumers, and while some stay useful, others quickly fall out. The pace
constantly changes. We have to continually analyze channels and
strategies to make sure they are working.”

Take developing a mobile game and selling it for 99 cents, for instance. Not long ago, that strategy was a highly effective way to
attract consumers to a brand. Now, 93% of successful apps are offered
for free with in app purchases, Blecher explained.

“In 24 months revenue went from being generated by 99 cent apps to
being generated by apps that are free with microtransitions,” he continued.  “And as another example of swiftly changing digital consumer
preferences, just 12 months ago, we primarily generated our revenue on
the iOS platform but now see just as much revenue on the Android

Hasbro has fueled innovation in not just traditional but digital
marketing over the last year or two with its wide range of brands.

“Creating highly inventive and accessible digital play experiences
based on our world-class brands continues to be at the core of Hasbro’s
mission,” Blecher concluded.

Across its core digital channels, no one brand fits all for the
company. Hasbro carefully considers and makes customized digital
investments in the unique market for each brand.

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