This Week in Digital Kids: Playdek Makes Moves in Mobile Gaming World

gaming is becoming an increasingly important component in the digital space.  In fact, mobile games are estimated to
generate over $9 billion globally this year and currently account for 33% of
all app downloads as well as 66% of all app revenue, as shown in a new publication by
mobile gaming market research firm Newzoo.

Playdek2Known for bringing the table top gaming hobby to the digital space, mobile video game publisher Playdek
is poised for major
growth in the market this year, announcing just this week that it has raised $3.8 million in Series A funding.

Qualcomm Incorporated
led the funding round through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures.
Other investments came from IDG Ventures,
Venture Capital
, Deep Fork Capital,
Greycroft Partners,
Jarl Mohn and angel investors.

The company will use the capital to build
and enhance digital hobby games, such as its forthcoming Agricola app, based on
the table top Agricola strategy board game.

Playdek also plans to develop a
hobby gamer community and online platform with its new round of funding.

Set to launch later this year, this hobby gamer community will unite dedicated hobby gamers in one space
where they can access Playdek's digital table top games. The company's online
platform will offer events and tournaments, giving gamers “that  ‘around
the table’ feeling in the digital realm,” as Playdek CEO, Joel Goodman put it.

Also commenting on the funding in a statement, Phil Sanderson, Managing Director,
IDG Ventures said: “The market category is poised for growth,
and Playdek has proven that it is the expert when it comes to
bringing this dedicated audience what they want in mobile gameplay.”

John Frankel, ff
Venture Capital, added: “Playdek gives gamers what they want — compelling online games based on
the franchises they know and love.  Playdek allows people to explore
these worlds and stories in a compelling new way. We love the team, the strategy, and what
they have done to date; we expect great things from them in the future.”  
Dungeons and dragons

This funding announcement followed news that Playdek will also boost its mobile
gaming presence through a partnership with Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary
of Hasbro
and publisher of roleplaying games. The deal will allow Playdek to bring Wizards’ Dungeons &
tabletop game and other titles to the Digital Kids™ platform as
mobile iOS games this year.

While Playdek and Wizards have
yet to release the details of their new deal, Goodman did comment:  “We’ve
always been big fans of Wizard’s games and it is an honor to work with their
talented team to re-create this compelling entertainment in a mobile form. New
and existing fans will soon be able to enjoy them anywhere and anytime.”

Playdek is linking with Wizards of
the Coast at a time when the lifestyle gamer’s global community is expressing a
love for both digital and in-person play. Wizards of the Coast brings a range
of gaming experiences under brand names such as Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons
& Dragons and Kaijudo to the table top gaming market.

The company has
released iOS properties based on its Magic and Kaijudo titles, but gamers have yet
to see an official Dungeons & Dragons iOS property hit the App Store.

This partnership as well Playdek’s
new round of funding and mobile gaming community plans highlight the growing
digital gaming market.

Playdek will certainly be one to watch in the digital
space this year.


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