Step2 Takes the Digital Search Directly to Shoppers

John Haake
is a recognized industry thought leader with over 20 years of advertising and
technology experience. He has a strong track record of successfully defining
opportunities within emerging technologies and evangelizing them. Prior to
joining HookLogic, John held leadership positions at Synaptic Digital, a global
video content creation, distribution and exchange platform, and Turn, where he
spearheaded a repositioning from an ad network to a leading demand side
platform for dynamic data and media buying.

There's big competition playing out on the search results and
category sorts of major online retailers. Little Tikes, along with category
killer, Fisher-Price, dominate the webpages of retailers like Toys “R” Us in
the outdoor play set category, but Step2 is innovating with their search budget
to unseat their rivals by winning top-of-sort placements in relevant search

competes head-to-head with Little Tikes, a Buckeye
State rival, and Fisher Price in all their retail channels. As consumer
behavior has evolved, the battlefield has moved from the physical shopping
aisle to the webpages of large retailers. This suits Step2 just fine.

Retail Search Exchange moves our search marketing dollars closer to the
shopper,” said Tena Crock,
Online Marketing Director for Step2. “It fits perfectly into our marketing mix
without the need of additional time or resources – there's no keyword research
or creative asset production needed on our end.”

As an early
adopter of the Retail Search Exchange powered by HookLogic, Step2’s goal is to win market
share via the cost-per-click auction marketplace which exclusively targets consumers
actively shopping on a network of ecommerce websites like BabyAge,
Shopping, and the largest baby and toy retailer online. With the Retail Search
Exchange, brand marketers have an opportunity to seamlessly influence shopper
decisions with “featured” product listings that are served against relevant
site searches and category sorts.

“The Retail
Search Exchange takes a proven paid search model and aims it directly at
shoppers as they do their product research and make their purchase decisions on
retail ecommerce sites,” said Jonathan

Opdyke, CEO of HookLogic. “It’s live
return-on-ad-spend reporting provides unprecedented accountability by clearly
showing advertisers how their campaign is impacting sales.”

to running on The Retail Search Exchange Step2 was not guaranteed inclusion on
the first page of search results on some of their most important retail channel
partners. Now Step2 regularly grabs first-in-search visibility by winning bids
on the real time exchange platform. HookLogic reports that advertisers in the
baby and toys category on the Retail Search Exchange are regularly enjoying
return-on-ad-spend between 300-800%.

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