Bar Games; Where Booze Meets the Tabletop


I have been putting a lot of study recently into the many kinds of play environments.  One of these environments is your neighborhood bar.  Everyone is familiar with playing darts (an old Pub
game) in bars but what about shuffleboard?

No, no, no, not that shuffle board, the kind that
involves poles and senior citizens in socks and sandals.  No, this game involves sliding metal discs
from one end to the other of a narrow, 12 foot long table.   The point
of the game is to get them closest to the far end of the table without falling over the

I was recently challenged by a smug young man in his mid-20’s (my nephew) who was going to “teach me” how to play the
game.  I am happy to report that I beat
him and beat him soundly.  Hurray for the
smug older guy.

If you are in New York and want to play bar shuffleboard  there are a number of places to do so.  The New York Times in a very nice article, “Bar
Shuffleboard: Beer, Yes; Sticks, No
” by Adam W. Kepler provides locations.

What's your favorite bar for playing games (and don't forget to mention the city)?

FAT CAT, 75 Christopher Street, West Village; (212) 675-6056,

NANCY WHISKEY PUB, 1 Lispenard Street, TriBeCa; (212) 226-9943,

PLUG UGLIES, 257 Third Avenue, at 21st Street, Manhattan; (212) 780-1944,

THE DIAMOND, 43 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn; (718) 383-5030,

THE WHISKEY BROOKLYN, 44 Berry Street, Williamsburg; (718) 387-8444,

BURNSIDE, 506 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; (347) 889-7793,

339 Ninth Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn; (718) 788-1444,


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